July 2010

Here is an email I received from one of our regular viewers of oilgasjobscanada.com

” Thanks for all your information on finding the right oil job for me. Within 1 week of searching, I found the right job. It’s true, read all the contracts before you sign. The staff here are great and I am sure learning a lot. I am posted just North of Edmonton, only 2 small towns near by. I  have made lots of friends and I know I want to be back next year. One thing is so true, you earn your money! My first check was $1,510 for 2 weeks. Thanks again. “

Rowan W. (Arizona)

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If you are one of those lucky people and took the summer off from work or decided to wait until fall, now is the time to get your application in. In Canada the hiring process can take some time, so if you were planning on trying to work in Canada’s oil fields, you better start today. Most summer oil jobs end the last week of August, so the companies would like to start training people in the second week of August. When applying, make sure to read all contracts before you sign.

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Although BP stated the well is closed and that no more oil is leaking into the gulf, they also mentioned more about the clean up work. BP now knows what they have to set aside to start paying locals for the massive clean up that covers 4 states. We will post the actual job posting from BP on our site. We are not affiliated with BP nor any other oil companies. We just post the best and highest pay information in this field.

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When your searching for oil and gas jobs in Alberta, it is good to know all your facts before you sign on that dotted line. In Alberta alone there are over 50 oil companies looking for workers and with the great pay it is sometimes tough to find. Most companies start the payout at $22.00 per hour for a simple job as driving workers to their job site. Be prepared for long days and hours, but the money is GREAT!

We know some sure tips on getting hired with these companies. Make sure you read the full contract before you sign. There are companies that only pay overtime if your marker has been met. Listen and talk to others that are in this field. The company that has the most call backs are the ones you want to work for. This means they treat their staff great and offer excellent benefits.

When applying we have one major tip for you. Never tell them in the interview that you are a family man/women. They tend to not pick these types of people because they know that 60% of the time these people won’t be back. The oil companies make more money when they don’t have to retrain. I know, oil companies need more money. Certain careers like the family type, but not this one. I should know, I was once in charge of going through application.

The bottom line is yes, there are lots of oil and gas jobs in Alberta. If you know where to look you can make some good cash.

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