Oil and Gas Recruitment

Here is an email I received from one of our regular viewers of oilgasjobscanada.com

” Thanks for all your information on finding the right oil job for me. Within 1 week of searching, I found the right job. It’s true, read all the contracts before you sign. The staff here are great and I am sure learning a lot. I am posted just North of Edmonton, only 2 small towns near by. I  have made lots of friends and I know I want to be back next year. One thing is so true, you earn your money! My first check was $1,510 for 2 weeks. Thanks again. “

Rowan W. (Arizona)

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If you are one of those lucky people and took the summer off from work or decided to wait until fall, now is the time to get your application in. In Canada the hiring process can take some time, so if you were planning on trying to work in Canada’s oil fields, you better start today. Most summer oil jobs end the last week of August, so the companies would like to start training people in the second week of August. When applying, make sure to read all contracts before you sign.

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A recent college survey stated that more and more American students have found work up North in the oil industry. While Canadian students tend to work near their school, American have no problem flying up North for the starting salary of $20.00 CDN per hour. We asked why? The main reason was given to us was the American school year is a bit shorter than the Canadian. The Americans are out there first trying to find high paying jobs.

Canada needs the workers.

Since the Canadian population is only 35 million compared to the American population of 300 million, there are more US students trying to find work. Texas oil industry is down, but the Alberta industry is growing. This explains why so many students are going up North. If your a Canadian student and are complaining there is no work for students, I don’t believe it.

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When your searching for that perfect job in the oil industry, you should stop right there. There is no perfect oil industry job, however, there are some tips you should know or ask before you apply.

If you think this will be a 9-5 job, good luck. The overtime in this field is crazy, but, the reward of the overtime pay is great. One of my major concerns when going in to this field is the medical plan. This must be looked at as the claim rate in this industry is high. Make sure you are covered in full medical, and make sure the coverage will continue for at least 6 months after you completed your work contract.

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I find it amazing that with this current oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and what they (BP) pay their employees for a simple job of driving people around. The average starting pay in the oil industry is $20.00 per hour. These jobs include: Driving workers to job sites, delivering flyers in the towns nearby the work site, to traffic control. Those are the people you sometimes see on the highway holding signs that say stop/slow. If you can get on with any oil company you have hit the jackpot. The pay and benefits are great, but beware of the long days.

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