The latest scam out in the US is involving the oil spill clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. CNN has reported that people are offering oil clean up jobs training for a small fee of $25-$70 US. They promise they will teach you all the rules and regulations for the clean up. This is not true. There is no such fee for the clean up, this is a scam. I understand times are tough, but if you get hired for the clean up, it’s PAID training. The pay is $12.00 for the training and $15.00 per hour to start. Check with your local state boards postings for all the correct information.

We will have a report in the future from people who have been hired on, and ask all the questions for you. Questions like: How long is training? When can I start? What is the pay? Can you move up in the company? Remember these jobs are contracted out by BP for the clean up. This means you might not actually work for BP. We are trying to help people find work in the oil and gas industry, or related work.

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