Oil Jobs in Alberta

When your searching for oil and gas jobs in Alberta, it is good to know all your facts before you sign on that dotted line. In Alberta alone there are over 50 oil companies looking for workers and with the great pay it is sometimes tough to find. Most companies start the payout at $22.00 per hour for a simple job as driving workers to their job site. Be prepared for long days and hours, but the money is GREAT!

We know some sure tips on getting hired with these companies. Make sure you read the full contract before you sign. There are companies that only pay overtime if your marker has been met. Listen and talk to others that are in this field. The company that has the most call backs are the ones you want to work for. This means they treat their staff great and offer excellent benefits.

When applying we have one major tip for you. Never tell them in the interview that you are a family man/women. They tend to not pick these types of people because they know that 60% of the time these people won’t be back. The oil companies make more money when they don’t have to retrain. I know, oil companies need more money. Certain careers like the family type, but not this one. I should know, I was once in charge of going through application.

The bottom line is yes, there are lots of oil and gas jobs in Alberta. If you know where to look you can make some good cash.

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There is to be expected 400 oil rigs drilling for the last half of the 2010 season. This was mentioned today at a conference in Calgary earlier this week.

This will bring in more spin off jobs and money to the local communities surrounding the work sites. With 150,000 oil workers working in Alberta alone this might be your chance to jump in. We have mentioned in other posts that this is a great time to get into this industry. With jobs being the number one thing on peoples mind, so is job security. With this expected growth, you can’t go wrong.

Northern Alberta and British Columbia is where you will make the most money. They offer the highest pay and the best benefits. Try to stay out of the local bars, that’s where you will spend your money. This is what I was told by a couple of students from the U.S. who are working up in Canada today. ” Great money if you can save it”.

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