When I first started thinking about getting a job at a Canadian oil rig, I felt like I was cheating my own values. I believe in a clean environment, using what we need and replacing what we take. I believed that our earth was left a worse place to live because of these people. After some research though, I realized I was totally ill-informed about the practices in place by Canadian oil companies – it turns out that they really do care about the environment too, and that they do have programs in place to renew what they have taken from the land. Not only do the companies care, but so do their employees. After talking to some of these employees, it was clear that they themselves would make every valiant effort to keep our earth in a condition our children could be proud to inherit. I have never been as impressed with individuals as I was following my inquisition. After that, all I could of think was how these were people I wanted to work with, and how the company may, much to my disbelief, have the same ideals as I do. All the initiatives and programs in place made my decision for me. I would in fact not be going against my beliefs, but rather I would be helping the oil company of my choosing achieve what we have all set out to do – which in this day and age is to ensure that our earth is still ready to supply the lives of the next generations to come. Without a little research, I may have forever been inside a mountain unwilling to believe that people were working to keep me standing. Since that time, I now have what I consider to be my dream job, keeping Canada’s environment clean and safe for the future. Without the oil industry’s dedication to the earth, I could have never achieved this.

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