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There are many different positions within the oil industry. One that not many think of is the “behind the scenes” office administration. More than 50 per cent of the working population in Northern Alberta is directly employed in the exploration, production, refining or transportation of oil and gas. Another 35 per cent are influenced by the activity of this vast industry. It is expected that the oil and gas industry will continue to be a leading economic force in Alberta for years to come.

Oil and Gas Administrative Assistants perform a variety of duties in today’s many Petroleum-related offices. They must be expert administrative professionals with up-to-date software skills and a fundamental knowledge of the oil and gas industry.  You should become familiar with the concepts and terminology related to geology, as well as the current issues and trends within the oil sector. This can prepare you to successfully take on a variety of office tasks that you will encounter in your new position within the administration of an oil company. Petroleum companies necessitate their administrative assistant to have excellent office management skills as well as industry-specific knowledge.

The oil and gas industries are growing at a phenomenal rate; so fast that companies are facing a severe shortage of workers both in the field and at corporate offices. If you want a career in the oil sector, explore your options in one of the administration fields specific to the petroleum (oil and gas) sector.