ClickAider Oil and gas job search |

I get lots of emails about how to get the best results in oil and gas job searches. What are real and what are scams. The first rule I tell anyone is if their asking for money to send you applications then walk away. There are business that will sell directories of Oil and Gas companies looking for certain people. This is OK to purchase as these are real companies just wanting to filter out the tire kickers. Applications should never be paid for. When searching for jobs I would stick with well known oil companies in safe countries. Canada(Alberta), US(Texas,Alaska), UK, Estonia. These are the big players in this market and have great worker relations. If your thinking of purchasing some information in the oil and gas, I would only recommend this site. I know of at least 15 people who got hired on. I purchased this program myself and was quite impressed. If your not up for long days and have no work ethic, this might not be the industry for you.

This is the only trusted site we found and works. Click here to be re-directed to the oil rig. They charge a one time life time membership fee, well worth it.