If employment on an offshore oil rig is something you’re interested in, the quickest way to gain this position is to start yourself as a roustabout – considered to be the “grunt” position performing various jobs that require little training. Without any experience on an oil rig, regardless of the expertise you may have, you will find it difficult to start your career offshore. However, the roustabout position gives you experiences and a vast range of potential employers, allowing you to start at the bottom and work your way up – roustabouts often are the long-term employees who gain experience and grow within the company as they take on more difficult and dangerous tasks. Oil companies love a person who is eager to start at the bottom. Once you have a job on an offshore oil rig, you’ll figure out quickly if it’s something you’d like as a career and if so how easy it will be to get future jobs on other offshore rigs – experience matters!

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