We talked to a young fellow who has been working in the oilfields for 5 summers now and asked what to expect on your first couple of days at work. ” It’s a different work attitude. Not sure where everything is and you can feel the fast pace. Once you settle into your job, they guys/gals make you feel like family. These guys will show you the ropes and make it fun to. It reminds me a lot like college. The best thing is your getting paid great money.” While talking I can see the fun pranks they pull on one person. One of their employees always misplaces theys keys to one of the trucks all the time, so they showed him a way of remembering. They tide a 9 foot beam to the end of the key and placed it in the ground. He climbed the beam to get the key down while staff and bosses cheered him on. It shows that you might not get into trouble always losing the keys, but they will sure try to help you remember them for next time. I have to admit is was quite funny.

It’s not all fun and games here, but I can see they need to make it fun to break up a long days of work. “We all look forward to our days off for sure. We try to go to the closest town for a couple of drinks and unwind. This is also a great way to get to know each person out side of work. To this day, I am still friends with a couple of guys I worked with 3 years ago and was invited to his wedding.”

It shows you working in the oil fields is not just about the great money you can make and all the benefits, but the people you meet and the experiences. Take your time when applying, and check out all job postings.

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